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Richard and Donna Clarke

Tel: 705 324 2700

About Clarke Portable Sawmills

  • Engineered with Safety First
  • Designed and Manufactured in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
  • with 40+ Years of Custom Building Experience

Our Model #50 comes with 20HP Kohler gas engine with electric start.

Our Model #100 to Model #350 come with 20HP Kohler gas engines with electric start.Larger Diesel or Gas engines are  available.

All mills cut standard 30 inches by 20 feet. Bed extensions, any length, are available.

The mills are designed with a solid twin rail constructed of 3 x 6 tubing which gives a stronger frame to anchor your logs to.  This construction allows for more accurate sawing with no shifting of heavy logs and does not require supporting arms.

All Clarke mills come with the following standard features:

  • A 1 or 1 band saw blade available in .042 gauge for accurate cutting and less lumber waste.  Blades are enclosed behind removable shields on both sides for operator safety.  These blades can be changed in 5 minutes and can be re-sharpened many times.

  • Blade oiler to be used when working with sappy lumber

  • 4 jacks with a total capacity of 20,000 lbs with can be set-up in 10 minutes

  • Trailer package featuring a single axle with 3500 lb capacity, steel fenders, a 2 ball and safety chains

  • Our model #50 comes with 20HP Kohler gas engine with electric start.

  • Our model #100 to model #350 comes with 20HP Kohler gas engines with electric start. Larger Diesel or Gas engines are available.

  • Saw guides with industrial bearings

  • Clamping system to secure round or square logs

  • Ruler gauge attached to the side of the head to achieve the desired lumber thickness

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